Early History

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Early history of the Castlemorton area from ‘A History of the County of Worcester: volume 4 (1924)’
Castlemorton is a large parish comprising 3,701 acres, more than half of which is pasture. It was formerly very well wooded, part of it lying within the forest of Malvern; ‘half the forest which belongs to the manor of Morton’ was bought by the Abbot of Westminster before 1246; there are now only about 26 acres of woodland. The soil is loam and clay and the subsoil Keuper Marl. In the east, near Longdon, the surface is rather flat, but the land rises rapidly towards the Malvern Hills, which form the western boundary of the parish. The highest point is Swinyard Hill, about 800 ft. above the ordnance datum.

The west of the parish is occupied by about 600 acres of uninclosed common land, known as Castlemorton Common and Hollybed Common,’ the last remnant of the once extensive Malvern chase.’ On the commons are various quarries and gravel-pits; near Hollybed Common is a corn-mill, worked by a brook which drains the parish and flows through Longdon into the Severn. Castlemorton was known more frequently till the 14th century as Morton Folliott or Folet, taking its name from its early owner. The castle was probably thrown up in the 12th century, possibly during the ‘anarchy’ of Stephen’s reign by a member of the Folliott family. Its position is marked by ‘Castle Tump’ and its surrounding ditches in the village to the south of the church. Its defences were probably of timber, as was frequent in this type of castle; and being raised possibly for a temporary purpose, it apparently has no history. The castle was bought by Richard de Berkyng, Abbot of Westminster (1222-46), from some of the members of the Folliott family. It was probably this Abbot Richard who appointed a chaplain to celebrate divine service daily in the chapel of his castle here. Early in the reign of Edward I the abbot ‘appropriated a carucate of land to his castle of Morton. No other references to the castle have been found.

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Sponsor: Victoria County History
Publication: A History of the County of Worcester: volume 4
Author: William Page, J.W.Willis-Bund (editors)
Year published: 1924
Pages: 49-53
Citation URL: www.british-history.ac.uk/report

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